Our Story

Green Valley Ranch was originally homesteaded by the George Green family in the early 1900’s when Glacier Park was newly created.  The land was sold in 1947 and operated for fifty years as a dude ranch known as Desert Mountain Lodge. In 1999, the ranch was purchased and restored by the current owners – grandchildren of the original homesteading family.

Current Owner, center front, circa 1937
Current Owner, center front, circa 1937

From the distance of 100 years, it is easy to imagine this young homesteading family envisioning its future harvesting the abundant forests of cedar, tamarack, and spruce that surrounded them; the log cabins built by hand; the one-room schoolhouse; the two-man cross saws before chainsaws; the draft horses skidding logs over snow. And while it was a hard life, especially in the mountains, it was a simple life. Ten children filled it with games, make-believe and mischief.

View of Desert Mountain from Green Valley CabinToday, George and Gussie Green’s grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren ride and ski the logging trails, thin and replant the forest, and are securing the abundance and beauty of the area for future generations.  Green Valley Ranch is our family’s treasure and legacy.  Read Reclaiming The Homestead for the story behind our family-owned Montana ranch published in the Big Sky Journal.  And then, open our Photo Gallery to see all the ways we enjoy it today.



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