Never Leave The Ranch – Winter Adventures!

Green Valley Ranch is a snowy piece of heaven on earth in the winter time.  When pure Montana snow blankets these acres of ridges and valleys, our maintained trails become a network of beautifully groomed cross country ski trails.

As the inches continue to layer onto our freshly groomed track, we hurry to don our ski gear and get out into the mild Montana winter weather.  It’s easy for miles of trail to pass beneath our skis before we notice the sun sinking behind Teakettle mountain.  When you are exploring the Green Valley Ranch trails, you’ll quickly find that the seclusion we speak of is absolute.  The only tracks we find today are those of the resident moose who manages to slip quietly between the trees as we ski through her living room.

With so many ways to experience a Montana winter here on our 480-acre ranch, it is easy to never leave the ranch.  Skis, snowshoes, and even ice skates are our entertainment by day, and the comforts of the Lodge await us by night.  The hot tub, roaring fireplaces, modern entertainment systems and well appointed recreation room are calling to us over the snow hushed hills.  A winter stay in our private cross country vacation setting is just the unique winter adventure you’ve been yearning for!

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