Family Reunions at GVR

If you are looking for the perfect location for your next family reunion, you have just found us!  Green Valley Ranch has an authentic claim on the phrase “perfect for families”.  Our Lodge and Cabin were designed with our large extended family in mind.  We gather here at the Ranch several times every year, andContinue reading “Family Reunions at GVR”

Never Leave The Ranch – Winter Adventures!

Green Valley Ranch is a snowy piece of heaven on earth in the winter time.  When pure Montana snow blankets these acres of ridges and valleys, our maintained trails become a network of beautifully groomed cross country ski trails. As the inches continue to layer onto our freshly groomed track, we hurry to don ourContinue reading “Never Leave The Ranch – Winter Adventures!”

Montana Memories, Volume IV

By Charles Green May your trails always be open The hills never steep Your pack mules never balk Or your tents never leak RAILROAD STORIES …during World War I, groups of Turkish men were imported to keep the tracks in condition. A dozen of them were stationed in Coram and us kids never tired ofContinue reading “Montana Memories, Volume IV”