~Our family of 7 had the most enjoyable stay at this cabin home property. The cabin itself is very well appointed and truly cozy. The grounds were beautiful and fun. Our family fed the horses, fished the lake, went out in the boats and raft and just wandered the grounds. One of our all time favorites though was just enjoying long chats and meals on the porch while we watched the views! This property is very close to the west entrance of Glacier. We went hiking almost every day! We also did local horse back riding, rafting, antique shopping, and of course eating out! Diana, our on site host, was so extremely helpful and enjoyable. She was there if we needed anything or had any local questions but she also gave us complete privacy. She’s a true gem. This place is a wonderful vacation home for a family. We hope to come here again for sure!! -CA

~We took our whole family (16) on a Montana trip for our 40th wedding anniversary. Had searched for over a year to find a place that would accommodate all of us and be close to Glacier Natl. Park. The house was elegant – amenities beyond compare. Dianna and Jeremy were more than accommodating – catered to our every wish and made our trip and stay so memorable! All of us enjoyed the pond, lake, hiking – ages 3 to 62! The basement was full of entertainment – it was hard to decide whether to be inside or out! Sitting on the porch and watching the kids play, making s’mores on the outside fireplace, relaxing in the hot tub, or watching the sun come up over the mountains – it was all wonderful.  -KS

~We stayed in your lodge.  Your home is FABULOUS.  It had everything our family needed for a perfect stay.  We are writing to let you know we received OUTSTANDING service from Dianna and Jeremy.  They were great hosts and provided help any time we asked.  Dianna provided helpful information before our arrival.  She was kind and gracious and gave us a full tour and description of the home and its’ features when we arrived.  Dianna helped us arrange a chef to prepare dinner.  Jeremy provided a ride to the airport for one of our kids, who needed to leave early. Dianna is a conscientious, helpful and professional manager.  Thanks for helping us create a great week of memories for our family.  We will return. -MO

~We stayed in the Cabin at Green Valley in mid-July for three nights. It was a little slice of heaven for us; attractively decorated and immaculately clean with everything one would need. Dianna had given us a great tip about an exceptional meat market in Columbia Falls that specializes in game and local ranch beef, so we grilled two nights and enjoyed dinner on the deck overlooking the pond and valley… Our first day we spent touring Glacier Park (the entrance is only five minutes from GVR), and spent the next day “at home” practicing fly-casting, canoeing on the lily pad covered lake, feeding the horses, playing croquet and going on a short hike. Lazing on the raft on the pond in front of the cabin was fabulous! Dianna and her family couldn’t have been more accommodating; she and her husband treated us like old friends. Our stay at Green Valley was really a magical interlude, and we look forward to returning as soon as possible… -New England

~Our family of 9 stayed here for 5 days in mid-July (2013) and loved the place. The view from the porch was worth the trip alone. The pond gave many minutes of fun to our grandchildren and they also loved the tennis/badminton grass court. The accommodations were great, Dianna is the perfect care-taker, making us feel right at home and being there if we had any questions. If I knew of anyone going to Glacier NP, I would send them right to the cabin at Green Valley Ranch!  -MA

~What a beautiful place, so peaceful. Our family of 19 truly enjoyed our stay here.  We wish we could have stayed another week. When we arrived from the train at 3am and saw the place all lighted at night it was breathtaking! Thank You.  -MN & WI

~We loved Green Valley Ranch- what a great place to spend the week. We kept very busy hiking, floating the river, riding horseback to Sperry Chalet, and relaxing at the guest house cabin. Our family and friends thought it was wonderful to have such a lovely place to stay. We were truly blessed by all the wonders of this country. Thanks for everything.  -TN

~We are so very grateful for the opportunity to experience the magic of Green Valley Ranch!  Wonderful days of appreciating God’s splendid creation of majestic mountains, valleys, and lakes. This Ranch helped to provide a fabulous vacation for our family.  We look forward to returning again next year!!  -TX

~We had such a fabulous time! This home was comfy, convenient and a delight for everyone. Thanks so much for sharing your home!

~Your Green Valley Ranch is the perfect place to vacation. The warmth of your home- the marvelous views from every room- all the family friendly amenities make for an incredible experience!  -TX

~Thank You for allowing us to share the magic of Green Valley Ranch. We will cherish the memories which have been made here.  -CO CA NY

~Thanks so much- it is beautiful here.  -IL

~Thanks so much for providing the perfect setting for our perfect wedding! We will surely be back someday. Thanks!  -MT CO TX NE

~What a lovely destination for our family vacation. Our seven grandchildren will have life long memories of Montana. ….. I love this place! the tennis court is great for handstands, cartwheels, and handsprings. The horses are fun to see and groom!

~We have thourougly enjoyed our visit here. Your home was such a wonderful treat to come back to each day after exploring the area. Thank You for sharing your beautiful home with us. It was a terrific place for a family reunion.  -IL IN OH

~We have loved the experience of being at Green Valley Ranch. For many of us, this was our first trip to Montana, and this was the perfect place to enjoy it. Our eight grandchildren loved the pond and lawns for playing.  The lodge has been a comfortable home for all 18 of us this week.  The beauty of the natural wood and stone, and the spaciousness of the rooms has been perfect.  -OR WA

~Our Weddng party had a lovely time here. Thank You for sharing your home with our newly combined clans. The folks from Finland, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Louisiana, Connecticut, Tennessee, California, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Utah and DC all had a great time!!

~ Had an unbelievable time! What a beautiful place. I really enjoyed my experiences getting accquainted with all kinds of new outdoor activities. Thank You so much for everything.  -TX

~My first time seeing Montana in the Winter, and I couldn’t have imagined a better place to be. GVR is a beautiful place with a truly wonderful family behind it.

~What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing it.

~What an amazing place!! We can’t wait to come back next year. Thank You!

~Awesome weekend. A lovely wedding in a lovely place.  -MT


Family Reunions at GVR

If you are looking for the perfect location for your next family reunion, you have just found us!  Green Valley Ranch has an authentic claim on the phrase “perfect for families”.  Our Lodge and Cabin were designed with our large extended family in mind.  We gather here at the Ranch several times every year, and all of our accommodations, amenities and activities satisfy every member of the family, every time.

Green Valley Ranch is a short five minute drive from West Glacier, the most accessible entrance to Glacier National Park.  That means we are very close to all of the activities for the young and active members of your family, and even the older and more scenic inspired guests joining your next Montana family reunion.  And with two buildings, the Lodge and Cabin, to house your extended family, you will find nine private bedrooms with varied configurations and additional sleeping spaces to accommodate up to 24 guests.  The large commercial kitchen provides plenty of work space and room for meal preparation for large groups, and we are happy to refer our favorite caterers to handle these details for you too.

There are tons of outdoor and indoor activities right here at Green Valley Ranch year round, so your family can spend more time together or spread out and enjoy the peace Green Valley offers.  In summer you can play lawn games on the grass court, fish for large mouth bass in the lake, hike, bike or hire a horse outfitter to tour the property to name a few.  In winter our miles of groomed cross country ski trails provide beautiful views and the excuse to get out and stretch your legs on skis or snowshoes.

There are many ways to enjoy Green Valley Ranch and Glacier National Park year round.  Our caretakers, Dianna and Jeremy, will be happy to help you find just the right activities for your family reunion.

Never Leave The Ranch – Winter Adventures!

Green Valley Ranch is a snowy piece of heaven on earth in the winter time.  When pure Montana snow blankets these acres of ridges and valleys, our maintained trails become a network of beautifully groomed cross country ski trails.

As the inches continue to layer onto our freshly groomed track, we hurry to don our ski gear and get out into the mild Montana winter weather.  It’s easy for miles of trail to pass beneath our skis before we notice the sun sinking behind Teakettle mountain.  When you are exploring the Green Valley Ranch trails, you’ll quickly find that the seclusion we speak of is absolute.  The only tracks we find today are those of the resident moose who manages to slip quietly between the trees as we ski through her living room.

With so many ways to experience a Montana winter here on our 480-acre ranch, it is easy to never leave the ranch.  Skis, snowshoes, and even ice skates are our entertainment by day, and the comforts of the Lodge await us by night.  The hot tub, roaring fireplaces, modern entertainment systems and well appointed recreation room are calling to us over the snow hushed hills.  A winter stay in our private cross country vacation setting is just the unique winter adventure you’ve been yearning for!

The First Sawmill

From The Green Valley, a book of reminiscences by Donald Green (1911-2003)

…When we moved to Coram in 1914, there were no mills and no signs that there had been any.

While Dad was building the log house on the homestead, he had to have some lumber for the floors and roof. There was a mill at Lake Five where they later put up ice for the Western Fruit Company in Whitefish. Dad hitched up a team to one of the wagons and put me on it. We headed for Lake Five, I was a very small boy then but I can still remember standing in that mill watching them sawing the logs into lumber. It was the first time I had seen a mill. I am sure that was when Dad got the idea of starting up a mill of his own. We had just moved in on the homestead with all the virgin timber on it.

After he got all the log buildings built on the homestead, he started to look around for a small mill. He finally found someone south of Columbia Falls that had one. They powered it with a Minneapolis steam tractor. The men said they would come up to Coram and set it up for him and he could hire them to run it. The steam tractor was driven from down in the valley to where they set the mill up. The men that drove it through the canyon sure had to know what they were doing because at that time the road through the canyon wasn’t much of a road. It was narrow and crooked with steep hills. This was about 1916. Dad had it running during World War One. This was the first saw mill set up near Coram.

Montana Memories, Volume IV

By Charles Green

May your trails always be open
The hills never steep
Your pack mules never balk
Or your tents never leak


…during World War I, groups of Turkish men were imported to keep the tracks in condition. A dozen of them were stationed in Coram and us kids never tired of watching them. All dressed baggy knee-length trousers made of heavy cloth of dark red or purple color. With these, they wore long socks, high boots, bright colored bandannas and turbans, Every man had a curved knife in a scabbard hung froim his belt and I believe they slept with the things.

A boy of about my age lived in a house up near the east end of the passing track and one evening we rigged up a sling shot. We drove two iron bolts into the top of a stump about eight inches apart and then cut a bicycle inner tube in two and tied each end to the bolts. It was a honey and with both of us pulling back on the thing we could throw a rock as big as a hen’s egg a thousand feet. Some empty box cars were sitting on the passing track and we used them for target practice. The nearest one had both doors open and one evening just as we shot a rock, a hand car with a load of Turks went by the open door on a collision course with the rock. One of the men was hit, went out like a light and fell to the ground. We thought we had killed the man and with visions of those Turks after us with their wicked knives, we took for the woods… The next morning we counted the crew from a distance and found they were all eating their oatmeal, and after that we made sure we had a clear range before we did any more target practice.


I arrived home from China in the spring of 1930 and found a lot of changes… The forest fire I had read about in the Shanghai paper the previous fall had swept over our valley and not a green tree was left on our homestead or the country to the north into Glacier Park. A carpet of green grass was struggling up in the forest of black snags… Before leaving on my trip four years before, I buried 50 bottles of home-brewed beer in a sawdust pile back in the woods, and the second evening I was home, I drove over to have a drink of the aged beer. The fire had burned the sawdust pile and all that was left was a pile of melted glass.